Brothers 'n stuff

“My brother’s car smells like a sweaty boy,” is exactly what I said out loud when I sat down in the driver’s seat of his SUV.

My car had an internal boo-boo and was in the shop for the day. Had to get the battery replaced and need to replace my front brakes very shortly. It actually happened at a really convenient time. Car troubles rarely happen at a good time, because there’s always stress involved with finding a replacement ride. Luckily, Chris has been in Guatemala for the past two weeks, which left me to his ride.

I’ll be back in my own lovely car tomorrow 🙂

In the mean time, I’m watching “So You Think You Can Dance” and feeling like a lazy bum. I mean, geez! These girls are doing things I can only dream about doing – if that (says the girl who’s literally sprawled out on the couch with her laptop chilling on her lap).

I am going to the gym tomorrow, so maybe I won’t feel as listless. Heh, but I’m going for yoga. And it’s not actually a cardio yoga, it’s “restorative” yoga where I focus on breathing and relaxing. And I don’t actually even break a sweat. I suppose I could get up early and make it to the gym, but I’ve been sleeping in all week and I don’t really want to break that tradition, especially on a Friday.

Even though Kenny’s around the world right now he’s making me feel lazy, too! Since he doesn’t have anything to do when he’s not flying he goes to the gym for hours at a time. The skinny boy has already lost 15 pounds! Gees louise!

I’ll start my gym-going back up on Monday, along with eating healthy (since I’m going to Taco Cabana tomorrow for lunch and having a cupcake for dinner).

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