iBook's under the weather

I realize it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged, but nothing interesting worthy enough to write about has happened lately…until yesterday.

I got home from work, flopped down on the couch, and opened up my iBook. What I saw on the screen wasn’t my mauve background but black and white vertical stripes taking over the entire screen. My hands start immediately shaking. And then I get frustrated. I tried the touchpad mouse pad to move the mouse, but instead of moving the mouse, which I couldn’t see, I moved the stripes. The stripes went from black and white to mauve and black and every color in between. With my hands still shaking I started to cry. This is my only connection to Kenny right now and instead of being able to talk to him, my screen is dancing with stripes.

Thankfully my mom is the coolest mom EVER and saves everything, including the box to my iBook so I could call tech support. LUCKILY my computer was still under warranty (some of the tears were little dollar signs dropping down from my eyes, because I was thinking about how much it’d cost me). The nice man on the phone talked me through some unsuccessful steps to resolve my “issue” and in the end he said I’d have to send it in.

This shouldn’t affect my hard drive, but just to be safe I backed everything up. The thought of losing my computer with years of work on it just makes me sick to my stomach…and the thought of not being able to chat with Kenny online just makes me plain sad. Thank goodness it’ll only be gone for “about a week” and that this is towards the end of his deployment.

In other not-so-depressing-for-me news, I bought my ticket to go see him ☺ In 12 days we won’t have to deal with being separated by an ocean and thousands (millions???) of miles. I seriously can’t wait!!!!

Tonight I won’t have to sit at home and throw a pity party for the (temporary) loss of my laptop, because I’m going to the Isotopes game with the girls; always a fun time.

….till next time…

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