wednesday's words

Sorry for the slacking of posts. I blame Kenny, really. Since he and I have been able to chat online more often I haven’t had the need to complain about how bored I am or how much I’m missing him.

I was just looking at my last post and noticed that’s when my car went into the shop. Well, it’s almost a week later and it’s still not out. Good times for all. Turns out that when I took it home on Friday night (ok, I did have it home for a few hours) it worked fine, but then when I tried to start it on Saturday it just didn’t do it. Eight hundred dollars later they figured out it was the fuel pump. We had AAA tow it over Sunday night so they could get it back to me on Monday.

All of that would have been fine and dandy had the AAA towing company not jacked my car. They placed their chain on the WRONG part of my car and broke something else. Needless to say, I was/am mad and it’s still at the shop. Luckily I have awesome parents who’ve managed to finagle the car situation so I can get to and from work!

Sorry, that whole story seemed kinda boring to me. So what else is new? Um….Kenny wants me to go see him when he gets home 🙂 That’s about three weeks away, so I’m way excited about that. Other than that, I’m ready for fall to get here.

Oh! The Olympics, as much as I love and am obsessed with them, are kinda ruining my plans to work out. Here I am watching Phelps and Coughlin win medal after medal, and I’m literally sitting in front of the TV cheering and getting inspired. But then I notice the time. I’ve been staying up very close to midnight every night watching the Olympics, so by the time I wake up early enough to go to the gym I just end up rolling over and catching a few more zzzz’s. Maybe I’ll be more motivated after the Olympics end. Heh. Yeah, that’s it.

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