Expect More

Some days/weeks I get on these exciting blog hypes and write as often as possible, and then there are times like this where I don’t write at all. I actually have A LOT I’d like to talk about, but by the time I get on here it seems silly, so I don’t blog. Instead, I read what my other favorite bloggers are up to.

I do have something exciting to mention: two weeks from today my boyfriend will be in town for two (!!!) weeks. I’m pretty ridiculously excited to see him for more than just a weekend. Heh. Imagine that, a girlfriends actually wants to be with her boyfriend for more than just a few days. That’s really what I have to look forward to.

And these dates:
Oct. 28: Kenny comes home
Oct. 31: We get to dress up for Halloween together
Nov. 26: I fly out to Georgia for Thanksgiving!
Dec. 3: Best of the City Party (woot woot)
Dec. 24: Christmas fun begins
Dec. 31: Kenny and I celebrate two (!!!) years together
Jan. 24: My birthday and possibly heading to Miami to see Jeff and Meghan

I’ll make this my October resolution to blog more. Expect more from me.

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