Healthy Choices

As I type this I’m wishing I could magically lose wight by positive thoughts and actions, because about a half hour ago I turned down a free meal at El Pinto. Maybe you don’t understand. Here’s the thing, El Pinto is my favorite New Mexican restaurant, and I do not—EVER—turn down enchiladas, let alone free enchiladas from my favorite restaurant. Except for right now.

Yesterday, seven of us at work decided to take the weight-loss plunge. We’re calling it Albuquerque The Magazine’s Biggest Loser. I have to lose 28 pounds by January 1. That comes out to 3 months (13 weeks) and equals 2.1 pounds a week, which is what’s recommended. All the girls at work are committing to lose weight, we’re calling it Albuquerque The Magazine’s Biggest Loser and the winner gets $400 (we all chipped in $50). So. I don’t want to lose – well, I want to lose, I just don’t want to lose the competition!

I worked out this morning and I hurt right now (the good kind of hurt), so hopefully I can keep that up. So healthy choices is my new motto from here on out. Hopefully they don’t include saying “no” to my favorite meals too often.

Oh, and in place of having cheesy, rolled enchiladas smothered in some of the best red and green chile around with delicious Spanish rice and refried beans, I ate my Healthy Choice frozen meal at my desk. Go me.

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