Some things…

*I went with my baby brother on Tuesday to shop for an engagement ring for his girlfriend.

*He’s proposing…sometime (Amanda may somehow happen to read this so I can’t go and SAY when it’s gonna be!)

(side note: We had a family discussion about this – I’ve been kinda resentful about him getting married for several reason – and I feel better about it now. They want to get married next summer, but Kenny will be deployed. I know it’s not my wedding, but I asked if they’d consider waiting till Kenny got back so he can be there, too, and he said they’d think about it. I REALLLLLY hope they will.)

* I still don’t know who to freaking vote for. I hate this election and I want it to be over.

* I just bought my ticket to see Kenny over Thanksgiving. I was originally going to take two days off work and be out there for four days. Well, we were talking about it and if I end up taking that Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday off then I can be out there for NINE days! It’s a little confusing, but I think it’ll be worth it. …This will be the longest period of time Kenny and I will be together in one place, and I think it’ll be really good for the two of us.

*He’ll be out here for his TDY in TWELVE days! Even though he’ll be here we still have both families and friends to see, so it’ll be two weeks of having him home, but not the same as nine days together in a place that I could potentially live one day…

*He officially bought his house yesterday and got the keys. He’s a homeowner 🙂

*I promise more things are going on in my life that don’t include him…I just can’t really think of anything.

*Oh! Work is awesome 🙂

*Crap. And my throat hurts a little bit.


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