Big Girl Moment

Well, on Tuesday afternoon I pulled up my big girl panties (that one was for you, Jenna!) and became a new (slightly used) car owner. Yup. I bought the Scion tC and I’m loving every time I put the peddle to the metal.

Actually, I’m trying hard not to hit the gas so I can save on fuel, but other than that I’m enjoying my new purchase.

Before I bought the car Kenny asked me one very serious and important question: does this one have working windows? Oh yes it sure does! Not only that, but it doesn’t have hubcaps, it came with alloy wheels, which means I don’t need to worry about my hubcaps falling off ever again! (This was an ongoing problem; in fact, when I traded in my car there were five hubcaps all together and three of them were different…hmmm!).

Oh! And my car has not one, but TWO sun roofs! Even though I’m still a tad bit bummed it’s a two door vehicle with a smaller trunk, Kenny assures me that I’ll get used to it soon.

I love it! (pictures to come soon.)

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