A Disappointing Dunkin’ Date

Since I’ve decided to take the plunge and buy a new (slightly used) car, I’m going to have to put a halt on my spending habits. I’ll start brewing my own coffee at home, bringing my own lunch to work, and staying away from anything that says, “drive thru.” I consider myself pretty money savvy, and have been pretty excited that the spiraling downward economy hasn’t pinched my wallet…until now. Sure I’m going to get 30 miles per gallon compared to the 19 I’m getting with my car now, but does that really matter at the moment since I have to fully insure my car and pay a car payment each month? At least gas has dipped below two bucks here!

I think I’ll be okay, because in the long run this is way worth it. Who knows, my insurance may not even be too much. My Grand Am was considered a four-door sport’s car and the Sicion has all the stars you can get when it comes to safety, it’s not considered a sport’s car, and it’s a coup.

With all that being said, I woke up this morning and could tell it was going to be a coffee day. Unfortunately, Dunkin’ Donuts was out of my regular French Vanilla brew (GAH!) so I had to go with their Cinnamon flavor (bleh). So much for enjoying the last cupa joe that I’m gonna buy! Oh! And to top it off, kitchen at work is being remodeled, so I can’t make it to the microwave to heat up the lunch that I brought, which means I’m gonna have to go to one of those fast food places I mentioned above. Sheesh. I guess I’ll start cutting the spending starting tomorrow.

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