Adios Oh Eight, Hello Oh Nine

Last year around this time I posted my resolutions for this year:

MAKE a scarf.
TRAVEL to England.
MOVE out of my parents house (maybe – I actually enjoy living there)
GET a pet hamster
GET published in another magazine
EAT healthier (this is with the exception of literally the past two weeks!)
DO more spontaneous random acts of kindness
VOLUNTEER for an organization I’m interested in.
CREATE a book from my European pictures
READ at least one book a month.

As you can see, I didn’t do too well with keeping those resolutions. So this year I’m not making a resolution list. As you can see from above, I like crossing things off. In fact, I may put my 2009 To Do list on the side of this blog so I can cross them off as I accomplish them.

Without further ado, here’s my 2009 To Do list

Visit England again (the plan is to go in September)
Make a Scarf (this one will continue to appear till I actually make one!)
Get published in another magazine
Start my own Web site
Lose 25 pounds (ideally I’d like to accomplish this by June 13.)
Meet someone from MIG
Run (and walk) a full marathon
Work out at least three days every week, but won’t freak out if I miss a day
Dye my hair
Read at least 10 books
Bake more

Tonight should be exciting to say the least. In about two hours I’ll be joining Kenny, Amanda, Chris, my grandma and my parents at The Cooperage for dinner, then two hours later Kenny and I will join his parents for dinner. No, that’s not a miss-print; we’re having two really yummy dinners tonight. Ah, the things we do to make each other happy.

After dinner we’re scooting over to the west side for the annual New Year’s Eve party. Kenny and I met at this party three years ago and got together at the party two years ago, so we’re also celebrating our two-year anniversary today/tomorrow! With that said, I need to go get ready. I hope you all have a wonderful NYE and will continue to follow me and my typing into next year.

Have a save and very happy new years!


  1. Happy Anniversary!

    I really liked reading your To-Do List. I hope you’re able to accomplish most if not all of them!

    I hope I’m one of the MIGs you meet!

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