Lonely Eyes

It seems like just yesterday that I sent my laptop away to get fixed, but here I am waiting for it to come back again. This past weekend my screen was going black on me and wouldn’t let me do anything, so I sent it off yesterday to get fixed.

I hope it comes back soon, because I miss it already. My evenings are lonely without it, which I guess goes to show you just how much of a homebody I really am.

Yesterday, besides sending my computer away, I went to the eye doctor to get new contacts. They feel SO much better than the old ones I had, but I think the prescription for the left eye is just a touch off, because it’s not focusing as it should be. And after staring at a computer screen since before 9 this morning, my eyes are starting to get really tired and very dry. It’s all I can do to keep them open for the next few minutes.

I’m looking forward to this weekend. Not only am I going to Las Vegas (woohoo!), but friends I haven’t seen for a very long time are coming into town, as is my boyfriend! So excited for next week 🙂

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  1. Isn’t it to weird that we can write different things in different places? I know my LJ sometimes has stuff I don’t post on MIG and vice versa. -_-

    Random thought for you. 😀

    I hope you get your laptop back soon! Things are just not the same when you’re not using your own computer. 🙁

    Whoa, I didn’t know Vegas was coming up so soon. 😮 😮 Are you guys flying or driving?

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