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I’m an official eBay seller as of yesterday evening! I finally got fed up with some of the stuff I had hanging around that I didn’t exactly want to take to Goodwill, but they wouldn’t take at Buffalo Exchange. Actually, since there haven’t been any bids as of yet, I guess I’m a wannabe eBay seller.

As of right now I have three items up for bid on eBay. I took the photos, I used attractive-looking templates, and now I wait. And wait. And wait…

Up for grab I have:
*Harveys Black Original Seatbelt Bag Purse Satchel Tote

*Red “Emilie M” Leather-Like Purse Handbag

*”Last Kiss” Black White Red Blue Coat Jacket XL
*Note: the links above will not work once the items have sold, but I do have a Jesstagirl02 Store

I also have several prom/fancy dresses, shoes, and books I’d like to sell. It’s kind of a fun venture and I’m excited to see if anything comes of it! (click the link; it’s the items above plus whatever else I add) and I’m going to try to get the code for the scrolling gallery to put on this blog.


  1. Good luck! I think I only ever sold one thing on ebay (a Tool CD), but it’s such a great feeling to have someone bid on something! I’m cupcakemafia over there. 😀

  2. My mom and her boyfriend have a buisness selling things on Ebay. Its their only job and they make good money! If your items dont sell maybe they can give you some tips!

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