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Happy New Year to everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed NYE and had fun with friends/family. I rang in 2009 at my friend Brandon’s NYE party. This is the same party where Kenny and I met three years ago, so it holds a special place for both of us. It turns out that I definitely can’t drink like I used to in college; I was out of commission pretty much all day yesterday.

While I was lounging on the couch during my daylong siesta I stumbled upon Project 365. Basically it’s a yearlong photo documentary of whatever type of pictures I feel like taking that day. I started Through My Eyes to serve as my digital scrapbook for the next 365 days and I plan on being diligent and posting pictures as often as I can. I’m hoping to get a good following over there (i.e. I’m hoping people will leave me comments on my pics!), and I have several ideas on how to not get bored with taking a different picture everyday. Some ideas:

1. Guess what the photo is – I’ll take a close up picture of something and people will have to guess what it is.
2. Theme weeks – one week of the same type of thing
3. Food – I plan on baking a lot more this year (see the last post)
4. YOU tell me what to shoot!

I guess I can add this to my 2009 To-Do List! On that note, it’s time for me to start snapping some photos. Happy January second.

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