The Proposal:

My flight from Albuquerque to Atlanta on Friday the 13th was supposed to get in at 11:40 pm, but instead had me taxing into the airport at 12:45 am on the 14th. Kenny was there to pick me up, and by just shy of 3 am we arrived at his house in Warner Robins.

On Valentine’s Day morning we woke up after a few hours of sleep, and while I was in a sleepy daze Kenny took my rings off my fingers. Kenny’s a fidgeter and often takes off my rings to twiddle around with them, so I didn’t think anything of it. A little while later he put the rings back on my fingers, like he usually does. But as we were laying there I could feel his heart start to race. Kenny and I have a running joke about getting married in 2012; don’t ask me how or when it started, but two thousand twelve became the “magic” year for us. So when Kenny said, “Will you marry me tomorrow?” My response was to giggle and say, “no.” Then he said, “Will you marry me in 2012?” Since he also always asks me this, I laughed and this time said, “Ha. No. That’s too far away.” Then he said, “Well, will you marry me sometime?” I said, “Of course!” Then he said, “No. I’m serious. Will you marry me? Look at your hand.” I looked at my hand, and instead of the ring he made me was a gorgeous diamond ring.

this is my attempt to be creative with a photo of the ring!

THE ring! I tried, and tried, and tried to take a decent picture of my ring, but none of them did it justice. Luckily, I work at a magazine and have some amazing photographers about ten feet away from me. This is an 18 karat white gold, forever-style, one-carat diamond ring. I LOVE it!


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