Rings 'n Things

I’ve been wearing a very sparkly ring on my finger for exactly two weeks – give or take a few minutes – and I’m still not used to it being there. I’ve noticed different lighting makes it bling like nobody’s business, and sometimes while I’m driving I get distracted by the reflection it makes on my car.

Before I got engaged my my mom was sneaky and mentioned that I should get a manicure while I was out getting a pedicure with a friend. My hands looked polished and pulled together after that, but now they’re starting to head back to their normal, boring digits. Since I’m on the computer the majority of the day, the polish is chipped and peeling, and my nails have grown too much.

I never used to even notice my nails before. Sure, I’d cut them when they got to be too long, but that’s as far as my primping would go. Now that my left hand is the subject of admiration (I know, I know, I may be taking this “ring” thing a little too far, but it’s by far the prettiest thing I’ve ever owned!) I feel the need to get a manicure all the time. I mean, if I have this shiny thing on my finger, the rest of the hand should be just as pretty, right?

Alas, since I’m cheap and rarely have time to do anything these days, I think I’ll resort to giving myself a manicure every once in awhile and treating myself to a professional one every few months. I think that seems like a fair deal.

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