and the first shall be last

Last week for our ten-mile walk I was boasting about being the first person the entire walk, well this week karma caught up to me and I was the last person in today. But that’s okay because I completed 12 miles! This is only the second time in my life I’ve walked that much, so I’m proud of what I accomplished, even if I can barely sit or stand without moaning.

81365.jpg(this was very early in the walk)

To say that today was easy would be a complete lie. I don’t know what I hate more, hills (okay, I personally think they were more like mountains then “hills”), or wind. It doesn’t matter which I hate, because both were a pain in my butt today.

84365.jpg(anticipating water!!!)

I also don’t like walking without an end in sight, and this course was just a looooong, windy road with absolutely no end in sight. Just when you think you’re done conquering a hill another one comes and swoops up at the next bend. New Mexico is a gorgeous place to live, work (out), and play, but I’m not a fan of how desolate it feels while walking 12 miles…ugh.

86365.jpg(“Kicking the dam in its crotch!”)

But, with all that whining I did finish and I actually finished just around three hours, which is great! I’m still hesitant about doubling that mileage, so I think I’ll just take it one step at a time.

89354.jpg(conquering six miles; it was [almost] all down hill from there)

jemezDam.gifI know that picture above is tiny, but it’s the elevation of the Jemez Dam route we were on (click the link to read more about the route).

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