Buzzin' Around the Office

This morning I somehow made it out of bed and into the gym at an earlier time than usual. I hit the treadmill at full speed (ok, it was only really going at 3.7 mph) and walked for more than 45 minutes. I’m learning how to keep an endurance pace so that I can actually complete a marathon without feeling and looking like I’m about to pass out/die at the end. So far so good. Can you believe that at one point during my workout this morning I actually had enough oxygen and energy to sing – outloud! – with a song that was playing?!

My walk this morning set the tone for a good day, and I think that good days (ok, bad days, too) deserve a treat. I stopped at my local Dunkin’ this morning and bought my daily fix, a cup o’ french vanilla joe with a little cream.

Ah. Bliss. Not only did the caffeine start it’s magic work right away, but I was able to be more productive than I’ve been in awhile (i.e. I was able to “just say no” to browsing wedding web sites/blogs…I’m addicted). It’s been a couple hours since I had my coffee and I can still feel it in my system. And don’t worry, I’m still being productive – I just had to take a break to eat lunch, so I’ll be back typing away at work stuff in just a few minutes.

I love the smell of coffee in the morning.

Oh! And I bet your glad this post had (almost) nothing to do with weddings, huh!

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