Friday Poll

Well, eleven of you voted last week and eight of you think my colors should be light pink and brown! Thanks for all of you who voted – who knew that I had that many people reading this! I’m still up in the air on what colors I’ll pick; I’m still leaning to a pale pink and black.

I’m starting a new poll for this week (vote on the right):
What’s your favorite part of a wedding?
*drinks (alcohol)

I think I’ll have a new poll every Friday. I’ll close them Thursday night and post a new one the next day. Feel free to give me ideas for different polls (they don’t need to be wedding related!)

Some day – when I have free time (ha!) – I’d like to go all the way back through my archives and label all the posts. There have been some interesting things I’ve covered, so it’d be nice to have those easily accessible with labels. Anyway, that’s the latest “do” on my to-do list.

Happy Friday the 13th everyone!

P.S. typin’ away with jesstagirl hit more than 2,000 total visitors this week since I started! Very exciting.

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