It's Time to Slow Down

I really need to take some time and breathe; my life is flying by and I’m trying very, very hard to hang on by tiny threads.

It seems as though I’m never home anymore. If I’m not meeting with a potential vendor (venue and photographers are taking up my time now, and I especially love it when they stand me up and no show), then I’m doing my best to hang out with my friends or make it to some of the magazines after work functions (I missed one last night – boo!). The work load is definitely picking up at the magazine, so I’m also doing my best to juggle things there.

My weekends almost always are gone as fast as I can blink. This weekend I’m selling hot dogs at a Team in Training fundraiser (ask me about it if you’re in town this Saturday), trying on wedding dresses at a “trunk show,” run/walking 10 miles, and stepping into heels and a pretty dress for the Wedding Showcase. Whew. Just writing that all down makes me tired!

I keep telling myself that things will calm down soon, so I’d love to see the light at the end of that tunnel sooner rather than later. On the docket for today: already worked out for 40 minutes, I’ll pick up a large coffee from Dunkin’ in an hour, interviewing restaurant owners at 10, working more on the never-ending DateBook, Burger Taste Test #3 this afternoon, meeting another potential wedding photog at 5:30 and then celebrating my friend’s birthday after that. I need to remember to:

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  1. I really hope things slow down for you soon. It really sounds like you really need some YOU time that doesn’t involve anything having to do with the wedding or work.

    I hope you get it soon!

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