My Big Fat Hispanic Wedding

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately, I’ve wanted to take a teeny break from all this wedding talk. Okay, truth be told – I may have stopped the talk online, but it hasn’t slowed down outside the blogosphere.

On the docket for today’s blog is the guest list. Oh. My. Word. I’ve always known that my family resembles that from My Big Fat Greek Wedding, but after putting together a very rough draft of our guest list it’s confirmed.

Let me just lay it out for you. On my dad’s side of the family I’m the fourth fifth youngest out of 27 cousins, and most of these cousins are now married and have kids of their own. Now add up all the aunts, uncles, friends of the family who are like family, my friends, coworkers…and you get the idea. Easily, without even trying to contain numbers, my side of the list is well over 125 people. This would be a great time to mention that Kenny and I wanted a “smallish” wedding – 150 people max. Kenny’s side will probably barely hit around 50 people, and that’s with him trying to scrounge up people.

Since I’m not willing to part with some of the names on that list, I think our “smallish” affair is turning into a mid-sized event. I’m okay with it, and as long as Kenny is okay with it. Now we just have to try to get the price down on the venue we’re eying, because fifty bucks a head plus everything else for this wedding comes out to a pretty hefty number!

At first I was a little worried about my side having three times as many people as his – I didn’t want this to turn into “Jessica’s wedding.” I want it to be “Jessica and Kenny’s Marriage,” and that’s when I realized that yes, I do have a large family, but they’re all going to be part of his family, too!

So, how do I decide who makes the cut and who I have to cut out?


  1. That is really hard to cut people out because you want everyone there and you also do not want to hurt people feeling either. I hope that you can figure some things out. I totally understand about having one side bigger then the other and i think that is kind of typical for many weddings thou.

  2. Would you consider another venue maybe? One that won’t have you looking at a very hefty price tag and that will allow you not to have to cut anyone out?

  3. Sheesh, if you figure out the secret to turning smallish-turned-big-sized weddings BACK into smallish weddings, let me know. We also wanted the small wedding which quickly became impossible once we totaled our extended families.

    Glad to heard it wasn’t just us : )

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