Training Recap

my walk team from Sunday

I know I’ve been preoccupied with wedding plans on here, but I wanted to give you an update on my marathon training with TNT. This past Sunday I walked six miles and I’m gearing up to walk eight this coming Sunday. I’m really enjoying walking. I feel like I’m exerting less energy by walking, but I’m going faster than when I ran so I end up having more energy in the long run. Granted, now that we’re getting into the longer walks I’m getting tired after, but I feel good. I’ve also been averaging 2-3 miles three days a week at the gym.

Now that it’s getting warmer I’m going to start walking outside. I’ve been getting several checks in the mail, and hopefully those numbers will be reflected on my web site soon. I have a couple fundraisers coming up and I’m excited to see what type of money they bring in.

Now for wedding stuff! I’m meeting with my future mother-in-law today for lunch (La Salita!!!) to go over the wedding plans. I think we’re getting really close to signing for our ceremony and reception site; I’ll be sure to post about it when that happens. This afternoon after work my parents and I are meeting with a potential photographer…keep your fingers crossed that I won’t have to sell my arm and/or leg to have them shoot our wedding!

In sad news, my camera is still MIA. I know where it is (left it at the house in the photo above), but I haven’t had time to take pictures. I was doing so fantastic with taking a photo everyday, too! I’ll pick back up when I get it back.

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