The Day After

The day and the day after either I or Kenny leaves each other is always hard. We just get so used to being around one another that when they’re gone you have to readjust your life. It’s back to the IMing and texting each other routine. Yesterday I actually contemplated moving our wedding up several months, but the only feasible time we could have it would be too close to my brother’s wedding, and I’m pretty sure that’s a big etiquette no-no.

It’s not that I feel like the next 302 days will be a waste spent out here, it’s just that I want to get on with my life with him. I know it’s going to be a somewhat rocky transition (with me picking up my entire life and moving/changing lifestyles/jobs), but I just want it to start as soon as possible, and 10 months from now just seems like ions away.

(I just liked this picture so much I wanted to use it again! AND notice how it’s centered around Atlanta – how cool is that? If only the picture was taken about half an inch lower, a little closer to Warner Robins!)

I find myself checking out our engagement photos more often than may be considered healthy, but he just looks so darn fantastic in them that I want to look at him all the time. Hopefully I’ll get those photos up somewhere sometime soon so you guys can see them, too. While I don’t think they’ll be as drool-worthy for you (because if they are I may have to sit down and have a talk with you and tell you that HE’S MINE!), I do hope you’ll like them.

I’m spending most of today out in Tome, New Mexico watching my great aunt Tia while my mom and dad are spending a weekend out of town. She doesn’t have the Internet there (GASP), so I’m taking a lot of work with me to finish. I wish I had some wedding projects I could start on!

Hope you all have a good Saturday!

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