Possible Centerpiece?

I took a quick trip to Dollar Tree today to see if they have square vases, because the price for vases from fancy schmancy stores want to charge me mucho. I decided I’d like my centerpieces to be in square vases filled with coffee beans and have poofy light pink flowers. Something like this:

Since real flower centerpieces cost way more than I want to pay, I thought it’d be a better idea to try to make my own. Yup. I’m going to attempt to Do. It. Myself. Well, it won’t be all DIY, in reality I’ll need help from my mom and friends!

Okay, back to my quick project (seriously, it was quick. This took me MAYBE 15 minutes). I got a square vase ($1), two bunches white carnations (1 dozen, $2), and two bunches of light pink roses (1 dozen, $2 – but I only used six of them, so really it was $1 for that). So. The grand total for this centerpiece? Four bucks. When/if I do this for real I’ll probably get some flowers from Hobby Lobby, because I don’t really want white flowers. BUT, what do you think of the carnations? I think it gives it that soft, poofy look I like! The vase is also a little small, I think, so I’d need to see what it looks like on table set for ten people.
Just squint real hard and maybe you’ll see coffee beans in the vase, and all light pink flowers. So what do you think? Seriously, honest opinions!


  1. I like the square vases and I think it will make a great center piece and the smell of coffee beans-yum. I like the fluffy white flowers-they really fill then out.

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