Catchin' Up…again

My apologies for being MIA again for the past several days. You see, I took a little weekend trip to Georgia to go see my man and when I go out there I seem to forget what a computer is. Spending time with him becomes my top priority. Anyway, this weekend his base was hosting an air show, so I got to see lots of fast plans in action; twas very fun if you ask me!The Thunderbirds in action!
If only I had a video camera! This guy was doing flips, twists and flying upside down!

🙂 Good times. I’m surprised I’m smiling despite the yucky humidity!
This is where my airman works. Notice just how gigantic those computers are! I think someone needs to let the Air Force know that computers come in much smaller packages these days!

And this is the plane he flies on, called the JStar!

I have about 50 more pictures from my trip – all from the air show – so I’ll hopefully get them on my photo blog very soon (as in later tonight, maybe).

Since I was gone on Friday I missed out on the Friday Poll, so let me just recap that and get a new poll up now.
It looks like we have a few die-hard tweeters, but the majority of you are “just saying no” to Twitter. I wish I could’ve done that, but unfortunately I do have an account; I just don’t update it all that often. Personally I like Facebook more…

Moving on to other business of the morning. For this week’s short poll I thought I’d take a cue from the recent Swine Flu scare and see if you’re letting the H1N1 Flu get in the way of your life:

Swine Flu thoughts:
* I’m freaking out, man!
* This too shall pass

Whew! Okay, apology (check), air show (check), poll (check), mention the swine flu (check). Ah. I know what I’m forgetting….

As many of you know, to my family Cinco de Mayo is more than just a day to enjoy margaritas. It’s the day my dad was diagnosed with cancer (click link for that post).

I hope, if you haven’t already, you’ll check out the little button to the right that says “Help Me Fight Cancer.” And I hope even more that you’ll donate something…anything. It’s because of donations and research (and prayers) that my dad is still alive today. Some of the medicines he was taking during his treatment were outragiously priced, but thanks to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (and from people who donated money), they gave him a sort of scholarship, so we didn’t have to pay $3,000 per dose – I kid you not.

So while everyone is out drinking Coronas and eating yummy fajitas and guacamole, I’ll definitely be thinking about receiving that phone call from my mom four years ago today. I hope you all have a fantastic Cinco de Mayo, and I also hope that maybe when you dip your chip into that salsa you’ll remember what today means to me and my family and maybe, just maybe (!), you’ll come back to this post, click the link, and donate some money so other people can enjoy their families on holidays.

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  1. I didn’t see how others had voted, but it seems it’s a unanimous vote for now about the Swine Flu! I think it’s crazy how the country has reacted and how they’re telling people about the importance of handwashing and staying home if sick because I’ve always figured those were just common sense. -_-

    Very cool post. 🙂

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