Fluttering Flies

I’m sitting in the lobby of our hotel piggy backing off the Internet and hoping the butterflies in my tummy will stop fluttering. In 13.5 hours I’ll be waking up (it’s 3 pm now and we have to meet in the lobby at 4:30 am) and heading to the start line.

Unfortunately, “Sun” Diego has been very gloomy, overcast, and very misty the whole time we’ve been here, so laying out by the water hasn’t been possible. My stomach is also a little upset right now, but I hope it’s just from nerves and not the fish tacos I ate earlier.

In a couple hours all of the Team in Training participants are going to the convention center in town for a gigantic pasta party and an inspirational dinner.

Other than that I’ve just been thinking about how busy I am, how busy I really don’t want to be, and how much I just want to start moving on with my life than being at the standstill I feel like I’m at. Eh. It’ll get a move on sooner or later.

Shoot. I really wish the weather would lift and I could see some sun. It may make my mood a bit happier.

If you’re reading this, leave me some inspirational/motivational messages in the comments. Please? Pretty please? I probably won’t get back online till after the marathon, so it’d be awesome to see some nice thoughts.

Happy Saturday 🙂


  1. Begin each day as if it were on purpose.

    ..I always knew Will Smith was more than just fantastically handsome looks. 😉

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