Friday Poll

Whoops! I almost forgot to post a new poll for this week. Here are the results from last week, and I’m very happy to see there are two other readers who are left handed just like me (woot woot!):For this week I’m curious what you guys top your salads with! Are you all about the creamy ranch or a light vinaigrette?

Salad Dressing Preference:
* Ranch
*Blue Cheese
*Thousand Island

About 10 minutes ago, Kenny and I bit the bullet and bought a ticket for me to go see him over Memorial Day weekend. I couldn’t be more excited about this, because that means I get to see him one. week. from. today!!!!! I must have spend at least two cumulative hours trying to find a flight that would give us the biggest bang for our buck, so to speak.

Here’s my flight info so you can see the craziness I go through to see my man! Luckily I love traveling and usually don’t have any problems sleeping in airports or on planes.

(click to enlarge and get the full effect)

I love the feeling after I buy a plane ticket somewhere! Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. 😉 A 5 hour layover. Wow…the longest I’ve done was a 3 hour. Good luck with that. DEN is huge though-so plenty of spots to pick from I guess.

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