Gimme A Break!

Sorry for the lack of blogging over here, there’s a lot going on in my life right now and yesterday the stress took over. I love that post-it note to the left because it’s exactly what I feel like doing lately.

Just for shits ‘n giggles (really? who came up with that phrase?!), here’s a look at what I have going on in the next several months, and why my IBS is kicking up all of a sudden. Oh, was that TMI (too much information)? Sorry!

May 22 – flying out of ABQ at 6:50 pm to Denver.
May 23 – arrive in ATL at 6 am
May 25 – driving to Pensacola, Florida with Kenny (this is a new change of plans thanks to the Air Force)*
May 26 – flying from Pensacola to Atlanta, from Atlanta to Denver, and from Denver to ABQ. Woot.
May 29 – flying to San Diego at 7 am
June 1 – flying back home at 8 pm
June 7 – friend’s bachelorette party
June 12 – friend’s rehearsal/dinner
June 13 – friend’s wedding
June 28 – ATM Chef Knockout
July 3–July 6 – Georgia to see Kenny
July 11 – FSIL (future sister in law) bridal shower
July 24 – Brother and FSIL rehearsal
July 25 – Brother and FSIL wedding!!
August 15 – Absolute last day to get TNT fundraising money in
August 24 – Vegas for my cousin’s 21st birthday
September 1–September 15 – Going. Back. To. England!!!! (I booked my ticket last night!!!)

Um. So. Yeah. I’m kinda stressed. Not to mention, work is kinda stressing me out at the moment, but I think that’s more due to thinking about all of the above than actual work. I also want to start working on all these little DIY projects I have for the wedding since I “have so much time,” but now I’m afraid all the time is going to fly by without me doing any of the fun projects I want to do.

And as a completely different side note, can I share a major pet peeve with you? I can’t stand it when people call pets (usually dogs) their “kids” or “babies.” For some reason it just gets under my skin. No offense if you have an animal you love just as you would another human being, it’s just a thing that really bugs me personally!

Okay, there’s my rant for today.

*The Air Force likes to mess with Kenny and I all the time. It seems like whenever we make solid plans (usually they include purchasing a non-refundable airline ticket) they give him or change his orders a couple days after we get the ticket. For example: We bought the ticket on Friday and on Monday they told him he’s going to Florida for work the day I’m supposed to leave. Oh, Air Force, you’re really quite annoying.


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