Live Blogging From DEN

Bear with me while I type this. The Wi-Fi in the Denver airport is experiencing a bit of…um…turbulence. One minute I have four bars and the next minute it’s barely holding onto one teeny tiny bar.

Before I break into my long-winded, blogging song and dance, can I just say that my ring is looking especially “blingy” with the lighting in here? It’s all I can do to stop typing and just stare at it. Whoops! There I go again.

Okay, back to the task at hand. Ha. Hand, get it? I was just talking about my hand. (Seriously people, I’m tired—I’ve been up since four—and it’s too noisy in here to sleep… I won’t get mad if you stop reading now, because what I have to talk about isn’t all that alluring, and the corniness is bound to get worse the more I type. And I have four hours till my next flight, which means I can get a lot of blogging done in that time.)

Shoot. It turns out I really didn’t actually have a topic in mind when I started typing this (have I mentioned I’ve been up since four? With that said, I’m going to enjoy this time alone by closing my laptop, putting on some music and reading Love Walked In by Marisa de los Santos. (If you’re a regular then you know I like to add photos and link to things, but the turbulently Internet here is saying “no,” so you’ll have to google it yourself.

So far I’m only three chapters into it and I’m already in love with the writer’s voice. She describes things in a way that make me want to go back reread sentences. She makes me remember why I like writing. Here’s an excerpt:

“The coffee smelled sublime, the flowers I’d bought that morning pierced the air with their blueness, the coffee cups lost their chips and glowed eggshell-thin, and standing in my red sweater and vintage suede skirt, my boots solidly on the floor, I almost felt tall. The door of Cafe Dora opened, and Cary Grant walked in.”

Six hours till I see Kenny. adios!


  1. If you are loving Love Walked In, then you will absolutely adore Belong to Me. It’s my favorite book! But I read them backwards, too. Belong to Me seems to have more…meat? in it I guess. But Cornelia’s voice is much better in Belong to Me I think! Hope you enjoy it!

  2. Also, just to let you know (is it poor fashion to comment twice?) I was just checking out your links in your “about this blog” and the links go to those particular posts, but they only stay for a few seconds and it automatically redirects you to the newest posts–just so you know! (P.S. My mom had cancer too, and we do the making strides walk every year–seems we have a lot in common!)

  3. Thanks for the heads up. I was originally redirecting the old blog to this new one, but if I do that then all the old links are unattainable. Lame! I fixed the redirection, so now the links should work just fine….I hope!

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