The Pain Game

I’m possibly being the laziest person ever right now. You see, as I type this—from the couch—there’s an extremely fit woman hosting a Comcast OnDemand Bridal Shape Up on my TV. Yup. I gave up on it, so here I am.

(Side note: I wasn’t completely lazy today, I even did this workout before I clicked for the bootcamp, and you know what? It was freaking hard – seriously, watch that segment and then try doing it! I hate how these trainers make it look like a piece of cake!)

I think I forgot to mention that I hurt my knee about two weeks ago, and the back story to that is that it’s the same knee I had surgery on several years ago. My knee has never given me trouble before, but the second I felt—and heard—a not-so-pleasant feeling I knew I did something bad. Luckily it only hurts if I put a lot of strain on it (i.e. walk up hill, downhill, do jumping jacks, squats, lunges, etc.), so I’m still continuing with training for my half marathon (16 days away!!!).

But here’s the crappy part.

A couple days before I hurt my knee I kinda sorta ordered my wedding gown (WOOTY WOOT!!!), but I may have ordered it in not one, but TWO sizes smaller than what I am right now. Yup.

Ding! Ding! Ding! Hello, my name is Jessica and I just became a crazy bride. So now you can see why a knee engery is kinda cramping my style – literally. It hurts to do cardio and I need to do cardio because that, combined with my healthy-eating lifestyle, is how I will lose weight.

These are some of the videos I’ve been using and actually enjoy working out to, but I think I may need to take up swimming again until I get this knee problem under control. It’s really a gigantic inconvenience because I actually like working up a sweat in the mornings. Lately I’ve been working a lot on strength and sclupt using hand weights, but I can only do so many arm work outs. If you guys can think of any other low-impact way to get my cardio in, please let me know.


  1. That’s a bugger about your knee!!
    I’ve done 30 day shred off and on for months now. Great workouts. I have the Bridal one too-that’s one definitely more mellow. LOL.
    I’ve totally just sat in front of the tv and watched a workout before. Ha!

    2 sizes eh!? got this. You can make this happen. Swimming is great. Long walks. Can you knee handle a stationary bike?

  2. Yucko lady. That’s the worst when you WANT to do something but something is hindering that. Swimming is very good and walking up and down hills as fast as you can could help….most gyms have those glider bikes that work well too….You can do it! Don’t fret! Let me know if you need a walking partner, I’ll jump in and help!

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