Someday My Life Will Begin

Some day my life will begin, but just not at this moment.

I’m so ready for my next chapter to begin that I can hardly stand it. I just watched Grey’s Anatomy tonight and it sure reminded me of what love is.

Love is wanting to still touch someone even when they’re dripping wet from humidity.

Love is making new friends with strangers even when the thought of “people” scares the heck out of you.

Love is putting up with families that are as different as night and day.

Love is moving across the world to follow someone because you can’t stand another day without them.

Love is finding comfort in an email or a text when your significant other is thousands of miles away from you.

Love is being patient when she doesn’t understand how to make gravy or how to hang curtains.

Love is realizing that someone is just as beautiful after waking up or after working out than they are when they get all dolled up.

Love is having durn good inside jokes to make each other laugh.

Love is understanding two people are different by finding balances between the two.

Love is taking naps on his lap when you know he’d rather be doing anything but wasting an hour of his day.

Love is feeling your heart ache, because it’s missing its other half.

Love is giving up your dream of eloping in Vegas at a drive-thru chapel because your fiance has a dream of wearing a gorgeous dress.

Love is always saying goodbye, but knowing there will always be a hello.

Love is all around.

Love is.


  1. I totally know what you mean. I am RIGHT there with you. At this point I just want to fast forward the next 6 months so that I we can be married and moving to our next station. I’m ready for the next chapter!!

    Oh and I love your wedding plans!

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