Teeny Tiny Update

Wow. I know I say this a lot, but what a whirlwind weekend I had. I don’t think I have the time to recap everything I did and how much I enjoyed it. Hopefully I can get my pictures up on my photo blog soon, so keep an eye on that in the next day or so.

I’m trying to find peace in the fact that one of these days Kenny and I won’t have to worry about one of us catching a plane and leaving, because one of these days I’ll get to stay there with him and that makes me so incredibly happy.

I started traveling yesterday at 12:30 pm (mountain time) and I got home at 10:30 pm…yup… that was nine hours of travel and three flights. My parents both picked me up at the airport and they’re on their way back there right now (whoa! I just used all three spellings/versions of “there” in one sentence – awesome!) to catch a flight to San Diego, where I’ll meet them later this week.

The next several days will be all out of whack, too; I’m leaving again for my half marathon on Friday morning. Woohoo! Here’s hoping I don’t get sick with how busy I am.

Since this is my blog and I can say what I want (HA!) I wanted to put another shout-out to my fundraiser for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society’s Team in Training. If you’ve been itching to do something good then consider donating. I still haven’t reached my goal yet, which means there are some cancer patients and families out there who could still use our help. Any one of the links above will take you to my donating homepage where you can donate as little or as much (!!) as you’d like. (I told you, I’m shamelessly plugging this right now!)

Okay, I’m all done with that…for now!

Here’s a picture I took while Kenny and I were walking along the beach…at dusk. Swoon!

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