All Over This Place

I’m just all over this crazy place (i.e. the Internet) lately. First I’m on Your Life is a Trip and now I’m blogging over at Albuquerque The Magazine’s blog. And since this is hopefully the start of something new I figured I’d make my Twitter public so at least I can pretend I’m “talking” to someone (check out my doings to the right).

Speaking of work. I just celebrated my official two-year anniversary. It came and went without any sort of hoopla, but I felt proud knowing I’ve been there for two years. Actually, it’s been 2.5 years because I started interning there six months before I was hired. How crazy is it that I’ve been printed in 28 magazine. Whoa! I love it!
On a sad note, I’ll only be a staff writer at ATM for two more months. Long story short, I need some transition time before getting married and leaving at the end of August will hopefully allow me the time to do everything I need before I officially leave New Mexico in February. (Things like going to Vegas for my cousin’s 21st birthday, going to England for two weeks, packing up 25 years of my life, moving all my stuff to Georgia, planning a wedding, etc.)

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