Friday Poll

Whoops! I kinda missed out on having a poll for the past week. There was just too much going on, but here’s a new one for ya:

Who’s your cell phone provider?
*Other – tell me!

After you answer the poll will you let me know what you like/dislike about your provider? I’m about to switch carriers!

P.S. Check back later today, because I have a somewhat “deep” post I’m working on…


  1. We have Sprint..but we are about to switch ourselves.
    Sprint is too much money and coverage was bad–I've had A LOT of dropped calls over the last 2 years.

  2. Unfortunately, I'm not much help as I'm on a local provider (although, our towers are linked up with AT&T so we have national/international service). But, at least as far as coverage, Verizon is the best. BUT it's certainly not the cheapest!

  3. We have Verizon but our contract is up in September and we're switching to AT&T or T-Mobile. It's too expensive and we don't even use all of our minutes.

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