Just Blowin’ Smoke

My fiance is an avid reader of my blog, everyone say, “hi Kenny!” He’s also a little lot bit shy, so he’d probably never post a comment on here. I wanted to write about something—anything—tonight and his suggestion was simple: cigars.

Right. Okay. Write about something I really know nothing about. I can do this. My fantastic fiance is not a smoker, but after one tour in the desert he came back appreciating cigars; not only does he appreciate them, but now he wants a humidor that looks something like this:

Here’s the thing though. It’s one thing if he smokes the cigars while he’s overseas during a deployment or if he’s at a bachelor party or a guy’s night out, but I don’t think I want that in my house. Sure, they’re just cigars and chances are he won’t smoke them all. the. time, but there’s always that possibility that it could lead to more smoking.

So when he says he wants a humidor, and even offers to build one himself, I have to pass on his idea and put my non-smoking hand down on this one. Am I alone in thinking this way?

….Sorry babe! You wanted me to write about cigars, so I just wrote about cigars!


  1. I would do the same thing! IMO cigar smoke smells horrible and gives me a headache, and you really don't want potential guests to be put off by the smell!

  2. coming from someone whose husband smoked a pack and a half a day for years – it takes forever to get the smell of smoke out of things, if you ever do. his old car? even after he stopped smoking it still smelled like smoke til the day he sold it – 3 years later. i'd suggest if he was going to smoke cigars – to do it outside. and as for it leading to more smoking? i think it depends on the person. i know a couple guys who can smoke cigars and never have a desire to smoke anything else. my husband? if he smokes a cigar, he says he'll be buying a pack of cigarettes!

  3. Jessica,

    If you are worried about the smoke smell, but all means ask that the cigars be smoked outside. Most of us cigar smokers are used to such sacrifices and will not be offended. It should be noted however that the smell of a "good" cigar is different that the smell of a "cheap" one.

    Cigar smoking is different than cigarette smoking however. The fact that it takes from 30 minutes to an hour to enjoy a good cigar means that it is a form of relaxation rather than a simple habit. Because you don't inhale cigars, they are likewise considered less of a risk; and studies have shown benefits to cigar smoking as part of stress management. I have smoked cigars for 20 years with no urge to have a cigarette.

    I will also add that a good cigar pairs up well with a good glass of wine or single barrel whiskey.

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