Now What?

I think my body is trying to catch up with all of my recent traveling (I was in four different time zones within a week). I go to sleep exhausted and wake up feeling just as sleepy. I don’t think I’m getting sick, I just think my body is telling me to slow down a little bit… what else is new?

But right now, between work and life outside work, there’s no feasible way to slow down. I know I still need to post a marathon recap, so just hang tight, that’s still to come. You can check out pictures I took in San Diego by clicking on this text. I have to apologize for the crappy quality of the pictures. I bought a new, smaller camera for this trip and I was beyond disappointed with the way they turned out. I’m returning the darn thing today.

One of these days I’ll update to my 365 blog. I’ve taken all the pictures, I just need to find the time to sit down and post several times.

In the meantime I’m regrouping offline and trying to remain calm about all I have to do. I have a ridiculous busy month of June—every single weekend is taken up with a major event.

I think I should finish up this post before it becomes an “oh, woe is me” rant. All in all, things are great and rolling right along. I just finished my second half marathon, I’m only $300 shy of reaching my fundraising goal, I’m about to start a Bridal Boot Camp at my gym, I’m in two upcoming weddings, there’s at least one more trip to see Kenny before he deploys, and there’s officially an end to my time at the magazine – more on that later. Whew.

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