Pop the Pepto!

I saw this over at Snippet and Ink and laughed out loud:

The funny thing is, I’m pretty positive Pepto will be on hand the morning of our wedding. I know I’ll be popping some peppermint pills like there’s no tomorrow to calm my stomach, and Kenny will be downing the pink stuff. YEA for stressful/nervous times between two people who can’t handle attention. This wedding will rock!


  1. I thought I'd be like that too, but I was so calm. Much calmer than my maid of honor who was freaking out. There are even pictures of me eating right before getting dressed (hair and makeup done) and me playing games on my phone sitting in my wedding gown. It's a wonderful day and you'll be so happy that the nervousness will just fade away.

  2. I will have to buy stock in peppermints before my wedding day. Maybe look online for some breathing techniques to calm you down. I don't like attention either so I can definitely see where you're coming from!

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