We’re a Family!

Wow! I need to stop coming up with such dramatic titles that could be taken the wrong way. Seriously though, last night the Mister and I merged and become one with our…dun..dun…dun…cell phones!

His and Hers:

I dropped my long-time service provider, T-Mobile, and joined AT&T with Kenny. We’re now on the family plan and will be sharing minutes. Hopefully I can keep my chatting to non-AT&T folk to a minimum.

It’s going to be so exciting to be able to talk to him whenever we feel like it. When we were on different plans we would only talk after 9 pm so that it was “free.” I’m anxious to pick up my phone and just talk to him!

We think there’s a feature that we can add international text messaging to the plan at one month at a time, which means that we may be able to text each other when he’s deployed and when I’m in England. Maybe.

YEA!!! The crappy part is that I have to manually move all my numbers over to the new phone, and I am not looking forward to that. I spent most of last night trying to figure out how to work the new thing. It’s basically the phone I’ve had for the past seven (yes, seven) years, but a fancier version. Hopefully this will all be a good thing!

In other news:
*Thought I was getting sick, but today I just feel icky. Not completely sick, but not “normal,” ya know? I have my BBC tonight and I really don’t want to not go, so I’ll just take it somewhat easy.

*It’s raining here today, which automatically brings my mood up. I just love the Albuquerque rain!

*I booked my flight to go see Kenny over the Fourth of July long weekend. I don’t think I need to tell you how excited I am 🙂

*I got a blog award yesterday and passed them out to some of the blogs I religiously read, so see if your name is on my list below!


  1. yeah, when you post things like 'we're a family' people DO tend to jump to conclusions pretty fast! lol. be careful w/the international cell plans – my husband knows a guy who thought he had a good one – the first month he was deployed the bill was $9,000 – INSANE!!!!

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