With This Ring…

*Caution! Put on your sunglasses, because there’s about to be a lot of bling*

A match made in heaven. No, I’m not talking about me and Kenny (corny, I know); I’m talking me and my soon-to-be wedding band. After Kenny so generously gave me my fantastic engagement ring I realized we’d need to get a wedding band to go with it.

But finding a matching band for a unique ring is harder than finding a needle in a haystack. I went all around town to different jewelry stores, but nothing seemed to be a band I’d want to stare at For-Ev-Er.

My e-ring has plenty of diamonds as it is (thank you babe!) and anytime I paired it with a band that had more diamonds it just looked a little too gaudy for my taste. I also didn’t like the way a band looked sitting next to it, because I personally don’t think they mesh together.

Ding! Ding! Ding! And then I had an idea! (or should it be Ring! Ring! Ring!?)

What if I got a custom-made band, something that would fit it perfectly. And that’s when I found Butterfield Jewelers, a family-owned-and-run jewelry business that’s been in town since 1928. I stepped foot inside their store and instead of some pushy sales person trying to sell me a band I didn’t like (i.e. most of the designs from above), he asked me what I wanted my ring to look like. Wow. There’s a concept! Ask the customer what she likes and wants. And that’s how I fell in love with Butterfield Jewelers.

It turns out that custom making a ring may cost even less than if I were to get a pre-made band. Seriously, how cool is that?! I met with their in-house jewelry designer and we went over some sketches for what I would like.

I’m TERRIBLE at drawing anything more than a smiley face, so to spare you my ugly drawings, here are some pictures I found online of rings that look like mine (some of them!) with matching wedding bands:

So what do you think of the above inspirations? I really like the ones that curve a little bit, but I don’t know how it would look with my three stones. Hopefully I can get the show on the road with designing this soon! I know we’re still seven months and a few weeks away from the wedding, but I want to get these finished sooner rather than later…just in cases.


  1. I have the same problem you do. Mine is very unique, and had side diamonds that bulge out a little bit so I can't seem to find a band that fits perfectly with it. I may have to go with the custom made one as well, but there aren't really any smalltime jewelers around here so I don't know how well it'll fly. But you've just inspired me 🙂 And I love those designs!! Mine's also a three stone.

  2. I love your inspiration pics! We designed my wedding band "custom" as well. I also have a three stone ring and I looked at TONS of rings that were "supposed" to go with my ring, but they just weren't what we wanted. One word of advice…although I love the look of the curved bands, I really love wearing my wedding band alone at times and because it's not curved to fit around my E-ring, it looks great alone or paired. Just my thoughts 🙂 Congrats and good luck!

  3. I remember having the same issue finding a band! We actually found a jeweler in California (she was on the Real Housewives!) who mailed (yes mailed!) me 10 bands to try. One of them was perfect! I hope the custom one turns out great. The ones in the pics look awesome!

  4. Ohhh i love this part!!!

    i enjoy my cathedral setting very much. i fell in love with it instantly when i was trying on ring. def makes the ring "pop"!!!

  5. I agree, I think the first set of pics you showed with the diamonds on the band just don't look good, IMO. I think it depends also on your hand and finger size. My fingers are slender so that would look so bulky! I think the curved ones are really nice, or could you just do a plain band that's not curved? I bet that would cost even less than a curved band! I agree with one of the other gals, if you plan to wear your rings seperate sometimes then you might want a straight band without the curve. I've been told to get the rings soldered so they don't spin and rub on each other, but I can't decide! argh!

    Come by and see me at my blog…I just posted about a possible venue site! Eeeee!

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