All Smiles

I know I use the phrase “when I got engaged” a lot on here, but…When I got engaged I just couldn’t stop smiling. I’m talking about the cheesy smile that spanned from ear to ear; I’d even feel this internal giggle that would sometimes find its way through my vocal cords and out my mouth. Granted, I would usually only giggle when I was alone in my car to keep from looking like a silly fool, but my point is that I was so extremely happy that the smiles and giggles just came naturally.

But like all things, I started getting used to the ring on my finger and my engagement glow must have worn off a bit, because those random people who once stopped asking me why I was so happy (like a girl I was interviewing for work, or a girl at the grocery store, and a girl when I was buying a new shirt) have suddenly ceased.

My point of this is that, with Kenny, I’m constantly feeling that giddy, exciting, and giggly feeling. I don’t know if it’s intensified by the fact that we’re in a long distance relationship and we’re constantly counting down—to the minute—to when we get see each other again, but whatever the reason, I love it.

The man I get to marry—seven months from today—is working in Las Vegas for a couple weeks and he’s coming home for less than 40 hours to attend my brother’s wedding with me, and I couldn’t be more ecstatic.
And then (!!!), right after the wedding, I’m flying out to visit him in Vegas for a few days. It was a very spur of the moment idea, and despite the fact that the weather will peak at 109 degrees and that I’ll be writing up a store for the magazine during the day while Kenny’s doing military stuff, I’m pumped to get to see my fiance for an extra three days.

I’d really like to write more about long distance relationships and how to keep the spark alive across thousands of miles, so maybe I’ll start working on a few posts about that, because even though we’re getting married we’re still going to be apart (thank you very much Air Force).
But for now, I’m just eagerly awaiting the next 98 hours to fly by so I can see my love again!

Hope you all are having a great week so far, and thanks to everyone for voting on the dresses below. I’m going to get in touch with my bridesmaids and let them know which dress I’m picking first, and then I’ll be sure to let you know which one won!

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