And They Can Wear it Again!

Yesterday I rounded up five out of the six bridesmaids, my mom, and my future mother-in-law so they could all see the gown I picked out—my dress should be in sometime in October!! I had the girls meet me there so we could check out bridesmaids dresses.

If I thought picking out a dress for myself was hard, then I should’ve prepared myself for the Bridesmaids Conundrum: find a dress they will all like, find one that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, and *cough* find one they can…um…wear again.

The criteria I have for a dress is pretty simple. It needs to be dark brown (chocolate), cocktail-lengh/knee lengthish, and they have to like it. (I realize they can’t all absolutely love the same dress, because that would just be way too easy, but I hoped they’d at least like it!)

The morning started out with Jenna and Meghan zipping in and out of dresses and running up on the little viewing stage to show us their “yays” and “nays.” Favorites were chosen very quickly, and they finally ended up narrowing the huge selection down to two dresses.

Three of the girls slept in and showed up late, but by they time they arrived, Jenna and Meghan had two dresses picked out that we thought would look good on everyone. I should mention that while they were trying on dresses I was busy making sure I could breathe, sit, laugh, walk around, and most importantly, not pass out while wearing my dress!

So now it’s down to these two dresses, which means I’m at a complete standstill. Apparently, since I’m the bride, I have to make the decision and pick one of them. Thank goodness the girls say they like both of them and would be happy with either. And with Brides by Demetrios’s awesome “Bridesmaid Gift” deal (another post on that is already in the works!) they’re both reasonably priced and within $10 of each other.

So here they are (picture them in a dark chocolate brown):

Dress #1:

Eden Bridal syle number 7250
The girls nicknamed this one “Twirly,” because it’s so light and, well, twirly.

Dress #2:

Eden Bridal style 7211

This is one is so unique and a touch more formal. My only issue with this is that it hit a lot of the girls below the knee, which was a somewhat awkward length on them.

(My apologies about the quality of photos. For some reason, when I cropped them everything changed. Weird. Also, my friends don’t always make weird faces in their pictures so don’t judge them based off these pictures, they’re truly gorgeous women!)

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  1. Ha! I have the same issue…sort of. I picked the bridesmaid dresses yesterday with only one bridesmaid there, but I love them! 3/5 of my girls are busty, so I had to pick something that would go very well with them. The other two will just have to deal 🙂 Plus I had to pick one that was two toned so I could switch the colors for the maids of honor. And they are Eden as well 🙂

  2. I'm about to go through this, but I'm a bridesmaid for my sister's wedding. I'm not looking forward to this. The other bridemaid and I are about as different as two females can get. I'm busty and curvy and she's flat and straight. This'll be interesting.

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