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Growing up, I was really never one of those girls who had her whole wedding planned out to the T. I know my fiance doesn’t believe me when I say that, since I’m such a hopeless romantic, but it’s true.

There are only three things I knew I wanted included in my wedding that came before I met my groom:

1. I want to walk down the aisle to a single violinist playing Pachelbel Canon in D
2. There will be cupcakes to munch on.

3. I’d like to have a photo booth for some added excitement!

I’ll get to the first two must-haves later, but for now I’m stumped on what to do regarding the photo booth.

Basically, I have two options:

Spend a little less than a grand and rent an actual old-school photo booth
Take my photographer up on her offer to set up a “photo booth” for no extra charge.

Here are the pros for renting through Photo Booth Rentals of New Mexico:
*Someone comes with the booth, sets it up, and stays with it the entire time.
*Unlimited (double) prints can be taken
*A scrapbook is provided so guests can leave one set of their prints in the book and leave a message next to their photos.
*A CD is included with all pictures
*The photos would double as favors

and the con:
*It costs just less than $1,000 (I think it’s like $800)

Here are the pros for having Kim set up shop:
*It’s included in our wedding day package (translation: we don’t have to pay more money!)
*More people could be in each picture.
*Her photos rock:

and the cons:
*There’s no instant gratification for our guests, they’d have to get online after the wedding to see the pictures
*I’d have to still spend money and figure out what type of favors to get
*There’d be no scrapbook for them to leave us a message next to their photo

While I probably won’t post my decision on my blog till after the wedding—I need to keep some things a somewhat surprise!—I’m very interested in what you guys think, because Kenny and I are having a hard time making a decision.


  1. I really love the photobooth idea. I went to a wedding that had this at the reception at it was lots of fun.

    But it was mostly taken over by children (which is great), but people then got a bit too drunk to really write down a "message". Most were sloppy "I love you guys!" or a drunken picture.

    I would go with the photographers option, especially if they can download their pictures for free after the wedding. It's still a favor, just not an immediate one!

    Either way, your guests will love it!

  2. The point of the 'booth' part of the photobooth is its privacy – it has a curtain.

    The magic of photobooth is the fun people make themselves – they'll remember it for years!

    I'm in the business – but in the UK and sadly, NOT near you…
    However, if you would like to get some ideas for YOUR event you can
    take a look at what we do at:

    Kind regards
    Ian Taylor

  3. I thing the photobooth is an awesome idea!

    If cost is really the issue, I would compare what the difference is between photobooth which doubles as a favor and guestbook for no extra cost vs. photographer plus favors plus guestbook and go with whatever is more cost friendly.

    If cost isn't the issue, I would go with the photobooth since that is one of your dream wedding must haves. You're only going to do this once, so you might as well do it right 🙂

  4. So, a friend of mine set up a photo "area" for her wedding, but the photog wouldn't let anyone take goofy pictures…we had to basically stand like we were having pictures done for the church directory… SO if you have Kim do it, make sure she lets everyone be their crazy selves (because, honestly…who wants their wedding pics to be BORING?)

    But, in all, do what you want. You have to look at them forever and either way, it's a fun thing to do…

  5. I like the photobooth idea, the biggest reason will be because they can leave you messages. My sister in law took one of our videographers cameras hostage and went around to all our guests and asked for 'advice' or anything else they wanted to tell my husband and I. I had no idea she had done it, and when we got the cd's of the ceremony and reception, it was our favorite part. They had his grandparents, and my best friends little girl answer 'what makes a marriage'… (the little one's responce was simply 'love').

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