Come Rain or Come Shine

Alanis Morissette once sang about the irony of having rain on your wedding day. Well, I don’t consider that ironic; I consider that really crappy luck.

New Mexico in July typically sees the more rainfall than any other month, and it just so happens that we got a downpour today, which made me think of what would happen if it rained on my wedding day.
But what I’m more concerned with is the weather forecasted for this Saturday, July 25. You see, that’s when my baby brother is getting married and I can’t imagine anything worse than the thought of your wedding day getting ruined by thunder, lightening, and buckets of water pouring down on you.
I’ve heard rumors that rain on your wedding day is concidered good luck, but I’m not sure I feel about that yet. I think it would just cause an inconvenience, but it’s not something you can get too upset over, because it’s not something you can plan for.

A bride can plan the perfect wedding down to the monogram aisle runner and personalized wedding cake topper, but the only thing you can do in the case of bad weather is grin and bear it (and maybe buy a pair of willies and a few umbrellas just in case!).

Besides, who says that rainy weather has to ruin a day? I think it could make for some pretty fantastic photo opportunities.

(And Chris and Amanda, if you’re reading this, I’m crossing my fingers we don’t have to bust open the umbrellas this weekend, but if we do I know it’ll still be a gorgeous wedding come rain or come shine!)


  1. Someone told me as well it was good luck if it rained on my wedding day. I am not sure if I believe that or not! Cute pics! 🙂

  2. Yes here in NM the weather is so unpredictable but there are some things out of our control!!! I see they made the best of it in the pics or did it on purpose, either way it's cute.

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