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In a few short months everything in my life will change. I hate to be so dramatic, but it’s true. And instead of having this terrified, uneasy feeling—similar to how I remember feeling once I graduated college—I feel giddy, exhilarated, energized and a whole other slew of words describing my excitement about what’s to come.

There’s no better way to talk about my plans other than to lay them out in chronological order and then I can go back and explain each one individually (mostly to keep myself sane during all of these transitions) so here’s what I have coming up:

  • July 25: I watch as my brother and his fiance say, “I do”
  • August 21: Will be my last official day in the office at Albuquerque The Magazine
  • August 22-25: Travel to Vegas to celebrate my cousin’s 21st birthday.
  • September 1-15: Skipping across the pond for a wedding, to catch up with friends, possibly go to Italy, and enjoy my time in one of my favorite places.
  • October: Pack my bags, fill up my car with gas, and hit the road to Georgia.
  • November and December: get accustomed to Warner Robins and work on finding freelance work.
  • mid-December: Fly back to Albuquerque for all the holiday celebrations!
  • December-February: Wedding stuff/projects and continue to work/find work
  • January 1: celebrate three years being with the man I love
  • January 24: happy birthday to me!
  • February 14: Happy engagement-versary to us!
  • February ??: I become a Mrs.
  • end of February: HONEYMOON!
  • March: Pack a U-Haul and officially move in with my husband.

I just loved typing all of that out! That’s my very brief time line of all that I have planned, and like I said earlier, I’ll go into more detail on some of those in the coming months.

So for now I’ll leave you with a photo I took years ago on my first trip to Europe. I snapped it just before we left a train station in Switzerland, but it pretty much sums up exactly how I’m feeling right now (and makes me smile every time I see it):


  1. Hey!
    The FI's brother & SIL have been stationed in Warner Robins for the past couple years. We've been a couple times to visit. It's a good town, definitely VERY much a AF Base town but it's growing. Best of luck in everything and I hear ya about changes.

  2. I'm right there with ya girl! Only switch Albuquerque to Omaha and Texas.

    But keep the base the same!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll be emailing you soon. We need to make some plans!

  3. Wow you are going to be a very busy girl! 🙂 Just one word of advice: start trying to look up jobs now, maybe thorugh the internet and such… it's very hard to get jobs here! Good luck and hopefully you can come to one of the Robin's wive's dinners we have!

  4. Such an exciting 8 months you have ahead of you. I can't wait to hear about it all! What does he do in the AF?

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