Drawing the Line

I’ve come to a fork in this blog and I need your help. You see, I have this overwhelming desire to share everything and anything regarding my wedding, but Kenny reads this and there are some things I don’t want him to see or know about.

For example: yesterday I ended up buying the shoes I’m wearing for my wedding. The actual story is completely random and I’m beyond excited to have these, but I don’t know if he should see them. The same holds true when it comes time for figure out what I’m doing for my hair (and the veil, and garter).

…and then there are a couple things I REALLY want to share with you (the reader), but since some of you are coming to the wedding, I want to keep these particular things as surprises. Gah. They’re just so cool to keep all bottled up inside, though.

I guess I’ll just keep mum about a few things here and there and then when the wedding rolls around you’ll see the things I’ve kept hidden.

If you have another idea, I’m all ears.

P.S. The shoes I bought? Yeah, they’re pretty awesome!


  1. The only thing I can think of would to make your blog private and so that only your followers could see. But then you couldn't have new followers read your blog without first getting permission.

  2. That's a toughie. My FI reads my blog too so unfortunately things I don't want him to see, I do not post about. You will just have to gauge which things are really important to you that you don't want to have him see then start posting away. I cannot wait to see the details of your wedding!

    PS: I bought my shoes yesterday too =)

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