Drink Up!

Before I get to posting the shoes I’ll be dancing around in after the ceremony I have a very important question for you:

When you’re on an airplane and the flight attendants start offering those free beverages, what’s your drink of choice?

I slept through the drink service during my awesome Southwest flight this morning and it got me thinking about what people usually ask for.

My drink of choice used to be tomato juice, but for the past several flights I’ve been switching to sparkling water (or club soda, if you will), with a lime wedge.

Okay, your turn…Go!


  1. I usually just get water (they pour bottled into a cup). I'm so boring! But there is absolutely zero chance that water would annoy my stomach in any way and isn't likely to make me have to pee more than usually…which is particularly convenient in the middle or window seat (may I suggest the isle seat? it really is the way to go!)

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