Happy Hump Day!

I realize it’s only Wednesday, but I’m already so antsy for the weekend. Like I said earlier, I’m going to Georgia to spend the weekend with my love, so my weekend starts tomorrow afternoon/evening, and I arrive at the Atlanta airport right around midnight. I love the excitement of getting to see him again! Can you believe it’s been six weeks since we’ve seen each other? Yup. Forty-two days or 1,008 hours…not that I’m counting or anything.

Heh, actually speaking of counting! Today he and I are “celebrating” our two-and-a-half year anniversary! That means it’s been 2.5 years of commuting cross country and 30 months of countdowns. I can’t tell you how happy we are to know that this time next year we’ll finally be together (Air Force, please don’t take him away too soon after we’re married. Please? Pretty please?).
So you know my plans for the 4th are to celebrate with Kenny by my side while we sweat from humidity watch fireworks along the river in Savannah, but what sort of plans do you have?

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  1. Happy traveling! Excited for you! My 4th of July plans? 3 day weekend baby! Psyched!!! We have a huge fourth of July party every year that we help host so we are super excited for that. Should be awesome!

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