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A few weeks ago I saw a classified ad on weddingbee from Jessica Nicely over at The Stylish Scribe offering free monograms during the month of June.

I sent her an email just in the nick of time (June 28, I think it was) with our colors, names and wedding date. Well, just a few minutes ago, these are what arrived in my inbox:

Cute, no?!

On my trusty MacBook, my Word program and I are best friends, but when it comes to doing anything dealing with graphics I end up just staring at the screen and programs for hours without accomplishing anything. So when I saw Jessica’s post I just couldn’t turn down a free monogram since I need one for an element in our inviations. I’m not sure if one of these will seal the deal, but I’m leaning towars the second one because I’m a big fan of the lowercase names; I think it looks simple and modern.

There hasn’t been much talk about my invitations yet, but I will say that I met with my cousin over at Kiko Productions yesterday to talk to him about designing using his mad graphic design skills to help me create the initial invitation suite design, and I’m eager to see what he comes up with. As always, more on that (and him) later!


  1. This is our first time to stay there, when I went before it was just a day trip, but we are planning on staying in Lucca, which is sort of centrally located to the places we want to go. I'm trying to book us a place now from Rick Steves' suggestions.

  2. I got the monogram from Jessica on Weddingbee too. She did a pretty good job for something free, but it wasn't really our style. I guess if I'd paid, we could have coordinated that. Oh well. Your's is really cute.

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