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I think I completely skipped over the part of how the Kenny and I came up with our wedding date. The long story short is that the United States military led us to a date in February. ‘Nuff said.

But if you want the long story, keep on reading…

Kenny proposed on Valentine’s Day, 2008, and since I was only visiting him for a weekend, we made our first order of this wedding-planning business into figuring out the all important date. At the time, he was scheduled to deploy again this August through November. I always thought I wanted a wedding in the fall, with those beautiful Albuquerque autumn colors…

above from our almost-photographer Dry Heat Photography

But when Kenny told me his best man (who is also in the Air Force and stationed in Oklahoma) would be deployed from August through sometime in January, there was no question that we would be getting married quickly after he returned. February became the lucky month for us.

Who knows what sort of weather Mother Nature will decide to bring us, but if it turns out to be anything like this past February—with the temperature in the warm 60s—it’ll be perfect. (Have I mentioned how much I love living in Albuquerque?)

National Weather Service

Despite the wedding taking place in the dead of winter, I’m not too worried about a blizzard showering us with a downpour of snow because then we would be graced with gorgeous sunsets like this:

And of course, there’d be a perfect setting for photos, because what’s more romantic than snow?

If there’s rain I think I’ll be okay (see the previous post). It’s not the most desirable weather element for a wedding, but it’s not the end of the perfect-wedding day.

Ultimately, the deciding factor in having our ceremony in the chapel was because we can’t control the weather. Had we gotten married outside at Hotel Albuquerque this is where we would say our vows:

kim jackson photography

Can’t you just picture a wedding under the stars with twinkle lights everywhere? Swoon.

In the end, I’m really excited about our day. It’s a numerically fun number (02-20-2010), and I won’t have to worry about sweating through my makeup/dress/hair since it won’t be taking place outside in the middle of summer.

Were there any deciding factors when you picked your wedding date?


  1. Right now we don't have a wedding date. We have a five month window that we know it will occur in, but because of the Air Force training courses we won't be able to schedule the actual date until next summer. Sad, right? But I'm thinking that if we do it in the winter, then I'm going to have the bridal party get together the following summer and take some photos anyway 🙂

  2. Air Force helped determine ours, and then rescheduled it for us too. We had set a date, started making plans for a wedding on the beach in San Juan. Then, before anything was officially booked (thank goodness), his recruiter called and said they had moved up his date to leak for basic from December, to early October, 4 days before our scheduled wedding. So, we rushed to replan a wedding in less than 4 months at home instead of on the beach. It turned out wonderful and the weather was perfect.

  3. Yep, it was a full year away (which helped my dad accept the fact that I was getting married), and it was the last date they had available besides Halloween.

    Not so romantic, but hey, it's the truth.

  4. Spur of the moment, sort of. After inquiring at a few churches to see what dates they had open we just decided to go for March 18th, a Friday, which also happened to be our dating anniversary. So, only two months to plan, but we pulled it off. 🙂

  5. We decided our date based on what months our venue allowed us to choose from. Then we narrowed down the most unpredictable weather months and checked out the sunset times and ended up choosing August.

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