short and sweet

Hi! Don’t worry, I haven’t jumped off the face of the planet. I’m in Vegas ’till Wednesday morning and I’m enjoying every minute of it!

My brother’s wedding was beautiful, and now I officially have a sister-in-law (YEA!!). I didn’t take too many photos since I was in the wedding, but the photographer said he should start getting some up online within the next two weeks. Amanda looked beyond gorgeous and my brother looked as handsome as ever.

Kenny was, too, and looked dashing in his uniform. Having him there for such an important day was beyond special for me. I can’t believe our wedding will take place in six months and a few weeks. Now that my brother’s wedding is behind us we can start going full steam ahead with planning. I have no doubt that the next few months will fly by!

Well, I only had time for a short recap. Now I’m off to do some more work for the magazine and maybe play some roulette!

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