Sole Searching (part 2)

Since I was having an extremely lucky shoe day, I also managed to pick up my reception shoes. (Yes, I will most definitely be a two-shoe bride!) After hitting up Shoes on a Shoestring and buying my new heels, we went to Target. And that’s where I found (and bought) these:

Target Converse One Start

You see, while I’m a girl who loves shoes, I’m also a thrifty gal who can’t tell the difference between Milanos and Nine West or Jimmy Choo and something from Payless. I know, I know, it’s probably fashion 101, but I prefer things that are comfy and things that won’t set me back a paycheck, and if that happens to be a $10 pair that fits then that’s a-okay with me.

Originally I had planned on just getting a pair of flip flops or dancing barefoot at the reception, but then I remembered that we’re getting married in the dead of winter and having “real” shoes may be a good idea in the end all, be all of things. Besides, Kenny loves Chucks, so when I saw those I just had to have them. This pair set me back $30, but I have a feeling I’ll wear them again.

And as always, they’ll make for some pretty fantastic pictures:

(click to enlarge!) Flights of Fancy

So what do you think? Now I’m trying to decide on if the boys should sport some Chucks, too, but there will be more on that later…


  1. Do you think they will rewear them? I thought briefly about gifting the boys Chucks bc of the cute photo-ops and the FI loves Chucks as well. But I realized that the boys probably won't rewear them so I chose not to. I am however probably going to buy Chucks for the FGs and RBs!

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