Sole Searching (Part Uno)

There are some pretty fantastic wedding trends out there at the moment and I’m completely taking advantage of a lot of them. It seems like very time I see something new I get excited and immediately figure out how I can incorporate it into my wedding.

I should mention that I was debating writing this post. I know it’s considered bad luck if the groom sees the bride’s dress (or is it if he sees the bride in the dress?) before the wedding, but what about the rest of the ensemble? Well, I gave in and let him see this part of my wedding day attire the other day when he was visiting in Albuquerque, mostly because I was too excited not to share.

Today I want to talk about shoes, but not just any shoes. Colored wedding-day shoes. I’m so overly excited about this part of my attire that I think I’ve told everyone about it. But before I show you mine, enjoy some of these awesome photos of brides wearing their offbeat shoes. Don’t you just love how the color POPS next to the white gown?!

Anna Page Photography

Tying the Knot

Project Wedding

East Side Bride

And then of course, there’s the opportunity for some pretty cool detail shots:

Luce Bella Life

Bobbie and Mike

The Bride’s Cafe

Pen Carlson Photography

Without further ado, here are the lovely shoes I’ll be wearing under my dress:
Mootsies Tootsies Korine in Pink

The best part is the story and price tag that comes with it. I knew I wanted colored shoes from the very beginning, so I’ve been slowly looking online and whenever I’m in any store with a shoe section, only to become silently annoyed with the A) cost of shoes and B) the lack of light pink shoes available anywhere. I’ve never spent more than $30 on a pair of shoes and there was no way I was going to start now.

The week before my brother’s wedding I was out helping my mom find some shoes to go with her Mother of the Bride dress for her when I saw these sitting pretty in their box, while being squished by other shoes on the sale rack. Oh yes, the sale rack.

I feel like I need a drum roll before I announce how much my shoes set me back.

dun…dun…dun…. $17.50.

As soon as I tried them on in the store I realized I had a very similar pair already. In fact, I wore the same style and brand in the wedding this past weekend, only they were silver and a size smaller.

So what do you think of them?! Next up I’ll share my reception shoes with you. Yup, I’m going to be a two-shoe bride and I love it!


  1. I love the colored bridal shoe trend. Your shoes are gorgeous! I am excited to see the reception shoes 🙂

  2. I'm doing this too!

    Only mine are going to be blue so they match the colors and double as my "something blue"!

    Still having trouble finding the right pair though…

  3. That's awesome! I wish I had thougth of doing something fun with my shoes… I didn't though I saw someone that had zeabra striped ones, and I thought that was such a clever idea! Love that you are doing color!

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